At Michael Isaiah we are proud to carry the broad line of products from TIGI.  At TIGI It's about progression. Keeping the art of hairdressing fresh. Dynamic. Alive. Balancing expression and invention - with the skills and precise technical understanding that set creativity free.


WARNING: You Must Have A Sense Of Humor To Use Our Products. May cause the urge to laugh at the products labels, experiment with different looks and a repeated desire to check yourself out in the mirror. The only thing serious about Bed Head is how freakin' good our products work.


FORECAST: shiny, strong, bouncy hair. CATWALK is a full range of designer haircare products to cleanse, condition and style your hair for a look that's sexy and always in style. Healthy hair is the must-have accessory you can't live without.


ROCKAHOLIC We are a culture surrounded and influenced by everything music - it is you and everyone you know - the way we dress - how we style our hair - the way we think. Admit it, you are a Rockaholic. Unleash your inner icon and get addicted today. TOUR TESTED * ROCKSTAR APPROVED.


S-FACTOR has the power to not only make you feel better, but look better. The S-factor advantage works to fight humidity, restore luster, maintain color vibrancy, and stengthen hair to truly enhance your look.


B FOR MEN is effective, edgy and fun with a focus on maintaining a healthy scalp and eliminating product build-up. It's a full service line that will keep today's man at the top of his game.


TIGI COSMETIC Take it to the next level with long-lasting Bed Head Makeup. Can you be beautiful, exquisite, luxurious...and fun? Without doubt, if you've got Bed Head! Our complete line of nail polishes and cosmetics are the perfect fit for your lifestyle. These Girl Toys will make you like a Superstar.

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